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Freedom for the truth seekers of today’s new generations!

Forest Trail

The path of life, as the path through a forest, is an exciting adventure of mystery and challenge.


For anyone who commits to the pursuit of truth, or to that which is virtuously sound and in harmony with the power of life, difficult changes are clearly inevitable. A truth seeker must be prepared to alter his world and life views, ready to discard that which turns out to be false or destructive to life. Simply because something is believed by the masses, and to think otherwise would alienate the thinker, does not indicate that it is an ultimately productive path to follow. A seeker of truth must move beyond self motivated ways of living to find what he seeks. Truth is often not fashionable, and, as we shall investigate in this book, commonly tweaked, altered, spun, or outright discarded to achieve ends that serve a false sense of security, power, or even inner serenity. As we shall soon see, inner fear plays a very forceful hand in this dysfunctional dynamic of life.

This may not be a popular book, for it leads along a path too far afield from the norm of first-world affluent countries. The material in this book will challenge those with rigid, biased, and closed-minded belief systems designed by others who preceded them, for this book will demand a high level of self questioning as readers continue through the pages of the odyssey. This book is in essence saying: It’s time to think independently, not accept anything at face value, and honestly question whether there is any room for seeing a particular thought, behavior, or worldview in a new light. This book will be viewed as subversive or revolutionary by many, and certainly may be censored by those who already know what they think is right, in other words, those socially dependent followers of intolerant custom and ritual. This book is one of rational thinking.

Nuclear ExplosionHuman nuclear power is unsustainable, not respectful of life, and deadly!


We do not live life – life lives through us. We are part of the greater power of life, and as we move beyond the negative aspects of the self that are disrespectful of life, we learn to experience a new joy not previously known. The path is not an easy one, however, the personal rewards are many and virtuous as we discover how to fully embrace peace in the present moment. This book examines common downfalls of the human species, both on personal and collective levels, and offers solutions to those who seek truth, rational thought, and life-friendly action. Through mindful awareness, we discover how to respect life beginning with the self, and extending to those not traditionally considered part of self. The journey found within the pages of this manuscript will challenge the traditional affluent worldviews, leading to a deep reassessment of personal thoughts for many. The potential for individual growth is significant if studied with a curious and open mind. As the basic principles are consciously embraced, we move into and through the four levels of enlightenment, which will bring lasting serenity in an inner realm no longer assailable by the injustices of the multitude. Welcome to the genuine journey and grand adventure of life.


A thermonuclear star, eight light-minutes distant, allows life to flourish on Planet Earth.


Most folks have worldviews, gathered on life’s journey while experiencing it all right here on Earth. What if we adopted a different view, say perhaps a galactic view, or even greater still, a universal view? How would all the trappings of modern life appear from these alternative vantage points? From the perspective of the book’s cover, such as might be available to a space traveler from parts unknown, what humans do here on the surface might just seem quite brutal and pointless. And indeed it does. If we can consciously move beyond our form of self in an individual body, to a place of formless thought with a more universal vista, we will find life to be considerably different than what we imagine it to be in our routine existence as a temporal being in a finite body. This is the underlying thrust of the book’s cover graphic, which shows our small planet with its moon as both orbit around the core of the Milky Way. The footprints are those of my feet when first born, symbolizing a self yet innocent in a bioform with unimagined potential.

Flowing Water

Hydrogen and oxygen atoms unite to sustain our sentient species in this corner of the cosmos.


With rare exception, human beings are found to regularly be expressing their self righteous beliefs. I see this all around me daily, and you see it all around you daily. It is one of those inborn traits of the human mind, as evidenced by its prolific existence. Who among us does not complain about something frequently throughout the day? Complaining, which is essentially a state of inner suffering, is such a normal species-wide occurrence that nearly everyone is blind to it. We just accept it as as an absolute reality to which we give no conscious thought. Everyone has an opinion, and is quite up to the self perceived need to defend that opinion to everyone else. My way, or else.

When a person genuinely becomes mindfully aware, out of a powerful belief that longs for lasting self improvement, that blindness of self convenience evaporates forever. For one on a dedicated path of inner awareness, reaching a place of mindfulness, where the negative aspects of complaining are predictably eradicated, is the goal that will supersede all others. And that means all, not just those that happen to support the ego at the time. This is not easy to accomplish, requiring a constant monitoring until it becomes second nature. The expert at anything was once a beginner. Like learning any new skill, practice is necessary to understand and functionally utilize the concept.

Mindful awareness is a key tool for moving beyond self, into a world full of love. We can use this tool to undo much of what we were taught along the journey of our life. In our journey, the culture in which we were raised trained us to see individual differences in all the people we meet. Immediately when we first interact with someone new our thoughts begin to judge the other in an attempt to determine how the person is compared to me. Is he smarter, better looking, stronger, richer, poorer, happier? Can this person be helpful to me, or is he not worthy of my time? We categorize everyone we meet, and then treat them according to our learned methods of dealing with those people.

Essentially, others are viewed as separate from us. How lovely would it be to look for the similarities instead of the differences? The essence of each of us is the same. We are part of the same life power that led to us being here on this planet, and at some level within our thoughts, we have similar fears, motives, and desires. We use mindful awareness to move into this favorable new paradigm shift of human interaction, and in so doing, realize the age old appeals to categorize and judge according to racial, sexual, religious, nationalistic, and social class stigmas may be vanquished in the name of selfless peace.

Japanese PrejudiceThe sad result of fearful governments separating “others” who are different: An American family that was imprisoned during the second world war, returns to a home destroyed by bigoted humans.

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