Evolution Beyond Self

Discussion Topics


Loon Lake

The 77 topic headings (ThotPods) of this book:


Window to My Life

Cosmic Father

Our Walk Together

Selective Seeing

Day 22,415

Mystery and Fear

Life is a Journey

The Eyes of a Child

Utopian Vision

Reality Spins

Utopia and Reality

Future Hell

From the Ashes

I Am Called Steve

The Untouchables

Signs of the Times

Wilderness and Nature

Earth and Humans

The Air We Breathe

Freedom’s Hypocrisy

Arrogance or Awareness

Prejudice Dies Hard

Challenges of Liberty




Hermes and Aphrodite

Chaos and Death

The Search for God

Member of the Flock

Candle in the Dark

Which God is True

How it All Began

Christianity’s History

Emperor Constantine

Jesus and the Gospels

Creation Stories

A Friend in Jesus

Contemporary Creativity

Hu-man Chimpanzee (electronic book only)

Two Cents from Science

Hand of the Creator

Earth Condensation

Revolutionary Thinkers

Alexandrian Library

Collecting My Thoughts

Life’s Concussion

Actions of Governments

Who Needs an Enemy

The Universal Soldier

Corporate Self Greed

Cultural Self Need

An Unexpected Savior

For the Record

Layers of Armor

Anything You Can Do

Our Galactic Home

Running on Autopilot

A Greater Power

Parallel Universe

Eat Drink and be Merry

World without Boundaries

Out of My Control

The Human Bigot

Mindful Awareness

Three Basic Principles

Live Now

Share Peace

Respect Life

So That Others May Live

The Nature Connection

Realm of Sleep and Dreams

Bioform Transcendence

A Voice for Peace

Other Hidden Worlds

Breaking Free

Self Evolved

Excerpts from theses ThotPods may be read on the “Excerpts” page.

Divine Interpretation

Is this vision of God reality, or merely a countermeasure to preserve the self?

* * *