Evolution Beyond Self


A declaration of rational thought and life-friendly action

Sprial GalaxyOur solar system is insignificant in the galaxy. Humans are an infinitesimal part of the cosmos.

In this probing book, BIOFORM, naturalist and philosopher Steve Greene takes us on a mindful odyssey far beyond the traditional cultural comfort zones, into an exciting arena of unobstructed thought, transcending the limitations of the human self. Steve’s core ideological premise asserts that many self-centered belief paradigms, both on the individual level and collective cultural plane, serve to perpetuate the common “me against them” and “me first” mindsets, the infectious worldviews he perceives as emanating from internalized, and often suppressed, fears, as well as selfish desires for personal, corporate, and national convenience. His path moves beyond the temporal ways.


Steve believes that numerous embarrassing social aspects of humanity are traditionally ignored, in an attempt to uphold a sanitized existence of perceived private and societal needs, with little authentic vision of, or respect for, the larger harmonious balance of life. He discusses how evolving beyond one’s flawed and finite self will open doors to enlightened awareness, revealing the lack of compassion and sensitivity demonstrated daily through encounters with anything not considered the self. Self protects, he says, while it imprisons.

Through the telling of his own personal story, he describes where he has been emotionally and intellectually, how certain key events and issues during his temporal life and throughout history have influenced his thoughts, and how he evolves according to the ethical demands that flow from his ongoing study of life. No longer content with following the status quo, Steve explains his independent journey away from misguided teachings and into a new consciousness that recognizes all life as one organism in a vast cosmos not fully knowable by human beings. His evocative viewpoints are guaranteed to kindle flame in readers’ minds, whether newly aware travelers, or those who have witnessed the injustices and bigotry of humanity and now seek truth and inner peace – an often difficult path to personal freedom.

This book frees today’s new generations from centuries of imagined fears – a liberating manifesto for independent minds.

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Let us compose well our melody to the Universal Symphony



Steve Greene has been involved in his examination of reality and how to thrive in a world of self pity and fear since the onset of his midlife crisis, prior to which he complained, blamed, and judged just like everyone else. A former law enforcement officer and public educator, Steve is well versed in many baffling aspects of human existence, and now reveals the misguided teachings of life, along with the solutions, to anyone seeking true meaning in an otherwise unfulfilled existence. Steve asks: Why just survive when you can thrive? Author of seven books, philosopher, and longevity expert, Steve Greene exercises, follows a vegan diet, and breathes ocean air on the rugged western coast of North America. He has not owned a petroleum powered vehicle since 2008.

Steve on TrikeSteve pedals his recumbent trike when the distance is too far to expediently walk.


Genre: Body, Mind, & Spirit: Inspiration & Personal Growth



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